Fuel Station Hygiene and Safety Systems

Asis Otomasyon has added the Hygiene and Safety Systems category to its product range by conducting some researches to create products that may be needed due to the importance it attaches to human health during the Covid19 pandemic with its advanced R & D Team.
In this category, ThermoGate Infrared Body Temperature Detection System, CleanPay Money and Credit Card Disinfection Device and RPC Room Personnel Counting System are offered to users.

System Components

ThermoGate® Infrared Body Temperature Detection System

ThermoGate® is 32-points precision IR thermometer designed for measuring the temperature of the human body and screening people who have fever. You ju...

CleanPay® Money and Credit Card Disinfection Device

Money Disinfection Device, CleanPay®, provides maximum protection by breaking down the DNA structures of infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria and ot...

RPC Room Personnel Counting System

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