Asis Automation is the Turkish Champion in the Category of Innovation Circle

Asis Automation is the Turkish Champion in the Category of Innovation Circle
Tarih 03.05.2019

With the Innovalig Program, organized with the cooperation of Turkey Exporters Assembly and improve, an international management consulting firm every year without any interruption and has been held for the fifth time this year, development of awareness of innovation both in public and in the private sector is intended.

This year, a total of 1.126 companies have applied for the InnovaLig prizes, the first innovation development program of Turkey. The awards are given in 5 different categories: Innovation Strategy, Innovation Organization and Culture, Innovation Cycle, Innovation Resources, Innovation Results.

Asis Automation, after coming 23rd in 2016 and 8th in 2017, has shown an improving graphic every year and crowned its success by being the 1st in the category of “Innovation Circle”. Our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, our Ministry of Trade, Ruhsar Pekcan and my other ministers and bureaucrats have attended the award ceremony held at the Istanbul Congress Center within the activities of “Turkey Innovation Week”.

Obtaining the first prize from the Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan and the President of Turkey Expoters Assembly, Ismail Gülle, Yusuf Kaya, Asis Automation General Manager, said in his statement that "Innovation, assisted by automation and business is the concept of innovation to create value for shareholders, invented by our and the driving force behind our success is our basic building block. ” For this reason, stating that they do everything they do by evaluating them with an innovative approach, Kaya underlined that they have developed the same innovative approaches for their future projects.

Stating that they are proud of the award they received, Kaya continued his words with words; “All Asis Automation employees have efforts in this award, we are very happy to receive this award, which is a product of collective work. As Asis Automation, we are like a marathon racer running non-stop, we have made it our duty to contribute to the advancement of the world in technology by producing long-term projects, we will continue to make INVENTIONS”.


Serving the fuel sector for nearly 20 years, Asis Automation develops services and products for many other sectors besides the fuel sector. Asis Automation, which launched the industry's most comprehensive, equipped and large R&D center in 2017, has 8 project development experiment laboratories, 2 fully equipped advanced testing and 1 prototyping laboratories, satellite systems, payment systems, mobile applications IOT, artificial intelligence, robotics works on embedded systems, image analysis and sensor technologies main topics and subjects. Asis, which constantly renews its products with an innovative approach, continues to produce products of the future by carrying out studies that are inventive, future-oriented and have multi-disciplinary scientific foundations.



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