Virtual Gas Station


Examine our station automation solutions in a realistic simulation only available on our virtual reality platform.

Pump Automation Systems


The system that manages the pumps in the filling station automation system. Allows full control over pump sales, unit price management, shift application, and pump attendant and customer management.

Vehicle Identification


This is a customer management system that controls the refueling of fleet customers, where special limit and constraint programs can be implemented and operates as a module under Asis pump automation.

Tank Automation Systems


The system that manages all functions inside the storage tanks. Measuring the current tank inventory, tank fillings, and tank alarms, it controls the in-tank movements.

CalibeX® 3D Laser
Calibration Technology


The system capable of calibrating the fuel tanks with high accuracy, safely, in a short period of time, using 3D methods and laser technology.

New Generation<br>R&D Center

New Generation
R&D Center

16 innovation patents and 43 product trademark patents.

Solution Center<br> 

Solution Center

At your service 24/7 with its expert staff on 0 850 222 27 47.

Experience to 30 Years<br> 

Experience to 30 Years

Many years of know-how in the fuel industry.

Asis Automation and Fueling Systems

Asis is a successful Turkish company with it’s pioneer R&D. While producing automation systems with advanced technology for the fuel sector, it also develops special projects and applications that will serve both fuel and other sectors in its R&D center

CalibeX<sup>®</sup> (3D Laser Calibration Technology)
Fox SIR<sup>®</sup> (Statistical Inventory Reconciliation)
Petech<sup>®</sup> Mobile
CalibeX® (3D Laser Calibration Technology)

The system safely capable of calibrating fuel tanks with high accuracy, safely, in a short period of time, using 3D methods and laser technology. 3DCalibeX® is one of the most comprehensive technological projects developed by Asis to date. It is a system composed of advanced robot mechanics, mechatronics, state-of-the-art electronic circuit designs, on-board LEL device design, laser and optical applications, etc. and applications cons...

Fox SIR® (Statistical Inventory Reconciliation)

Fox SIR® is our technological service, which examines the fuel movements on the tank and pump sides obtained from the automation systems in the stations, the cause of the total stock difference (positive or negative), and all kinds of fuel leaks, losses and gains in the station can be determined.

Petech® Mobile

Asis automation systems already have mobile automation application especially developed for station authorities, where station managers can access, perform basic station system functions and enter service records.

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