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While carrying out the activities of Design, Development, Software, Automation, Manufacturing, Installation, Infrastructure and Construction, and Providing Maintenance and After-Sales Services of Fuel Supply and Storage Facilities, Gas Stations, Tank-Pump, Highway, Railway, Sea Vehicles, Vehicle Recognition, Satellite Tracking, Mobile Tracking, Navigation, Communication, Electric-Electronic Systems and Related Solutions,
• To continuously train our employees and to continuously improve our processes,
• To design products that meet the expectations of the sector by following the latest technologies and standards in the world,
• To produce innovative products / solutions by following the latest technologies and standards in the world,
• To develop products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers by using advanced technology in fuel automation systems,
• To ensure the continuity and development of the Quality, OHS and Environmental Management System by working planned and disciplined with the participation of all employees,
• To continuously improve our policy in line with current, global conditions and expectations, to provide an environment where new ideas, suggestions and criticisms are encouraged,
• To establish a preventive culture by systematically evaluating possible hazardous situations and behaviors within the scope of all our activities,
• Determining environmental dimensions, determining the types and harms of environmental impacts and updating them continuously,
• To take the necessary precautions to evaluate our recyclable wastes, to reduce the use of limited natural resources, to prevent pollution due to environmentally hazardous wastes, not to adversely affect living life, and not to pollute the environment,
• To comply with the laws and regulations that we are responsible for, due to our activities,
• To fulfill the applicable conditions,
Constitutes our policy.


We aim to prevent accidents and any unwanted consequences thereof, and bring our activities to a point that contains no hazards for our employees, the people and the environment. To this end, we identify any hazardous situations that may be encountered during our operations to take measures to eliminate any associated risks.
Rules have been set to ensure occupational health and safety and environmental safety by carrying out risk analyses and considering all hazards. These rules are followed by all ASIS employees, and continuity of the system is maintained.
The HSSE regulations of ASIS cover all rules required to be followed during operations of the company. ASIS has created its HSSE Regulations considering its HSSE policies, targets and commitments. These rules must be followed by all ASIS employees, authorized services and dealers.

‘’For Fuel Stations; Electrical-electronic systems and their solutions, design, development, informatics, automation, software, installation and appropriate service provision including commitments in maintenance and after-sales activities;’’ Asis Automation, which carries out its activities on the above issues, always bases on customer satisfaction in the services it provides, aims to ensure business continuity and adopts information as one of the most valuable assets; takes all necessary measures to secure the service management system and ensure business continuity.
In this direction, as Asis Automation, in order to ensure the continuous development of our Service Management and Business Continuity Integrated management system within our organization:
- All Asis Automation employees and certain external parties defined in the CMS are expected to comply with this policy and the CMS implementing this policy.
- All staff and certain external parties will receive appropriate training.
- HYS is subject to continuous and systematic evaluation and development.
- Asis Automation, in order to support the HYS framework and periodically review the security policy; An information security committee has been formed, led by the senior management and including the Quality Assurance Manager and other managers.
- Asis Automation has committed to obtain the ISO 27001:2017, ISYS ISO 22301:2019, HYS ISO 20000-1:2018 approval certificate of its HYS.
- This policy will be reviewed at least annually to respond to changes in the risk assessment or risk response plan.
- Identifying information assets and these assets;
     * By addressing the issues such as its impact on the business, the cost of replacing the asset, the confidentiality of information, its effect on the image, the damage it will cause in terms of legal and legal obligations;
     * Considering the threat probability, the multiplicity of vulnerabilities and how well existing controls can close those vulnerabilities, the motivation of the attacker, the attractiveness of information to competitors, vulnerabilities in access controls, and threats to the integrity of information;
We undertake;
- To identify and evaluate risks related to confidentiality, integrity and access to information;
- Implement the necessary controls for all assets above the acceptable level;
- To reduce the probability of experiencing an information security breach event; to respond in a coordinated manner in the event that it occurs;
- To continue to provide critical services to our customers to the maximum extent possible by being prepared for any possible disaster scenario;
- To ensure that the commitments we have made are fully fulfilled;
- Developing the company's infrastructure in a way that reduces the possibility of outages;
- To reduce the impact of unforeseen business interruptions on customers, their financial and reputational effects;
- To effectively manage the emergency that occurs in cases where business processes are interrupted and to ensure the correct internal and external communication flow;
- To minimize downtime for the company, employees, customers, suppliers and other critical stakeholders in the face of unforeseen disasters;
- To measure the performance of information security and business continuity processes;
- Generating targets from this data;
- To minimize our weaknesses and threats with investments in infrastructure, working environment, hardware, software and training;
- To meet the security requirements required by our business, our customers and legal conditions;


By adopting continuous innovation as a company culture and following organizational innovation policies, Asis works on necessary infrastructures to improve its ability to innovate, paying attention to the necessary innovation processes for transforming new ideas into acquisitions for both the company and its projects.
ASIS, which is an organization that learns, develops and develops, conducts, conducts and supports innovation (innovation) studies with all its stakeholders.
Sources of innovations are; new inventions, new theories, new concepts or re-application of methods that have existed for a long time after their development.
All managers of ASIS are responsible for providing the necessary environment for innovation and coordinating the related works in the department.
Likewise, all managers and employees are obliged to support their use by reaching information about their fields of work within the framework of ethical rules and by spreading them within the organization.
Thus, it is aimed to transform the information into innovative (innovative) products, services and processes.

The main theme of the TS EN ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management System at ASIS OTOMASYON AKARYAKIT SISTEMLERI A.S. is to demonstrate existence of information security management in personal, infrastructure, software, hardware, customer information, corporate information, third-party information and financial information in provision of services for automation systems, vehicle identification, satellite tracking, navigation, communication systems and electrical/electronic systems, for fuel supply and storage facilities, gas stations, construction, infrastructure, tank, pump, dispenser systems, as well as road vehicles, rolling stocks, vessels, boats, etc., and their design, development, production, software, installation, maintenance and after-sales maintenance services, and to secure the risk management, to measure the performance of the information security management process, and to regulate the relations with third parties in terms of the information security.

In this context, the purposes of our Information Security Management System Policy are:

  • to protect the information assets of ASIS OTOMASYON VE AKARYAKIT SISTEMLERI A.S. against all internal and external threats that may arise intentionally or unintentionally, to enable accessibility to information as necessary by means of the business processes, and to fulfill the requirements of the legislation;
  • to ensure continuity of the three basic elements of the Information Security Management System with respect to all activities performed: Privacy: Prevention of unauthorized access to important and personal information, Integrity: Demonstration of accuracy and integrity of the information, Accessibility: Demonstration of accessibility to information by authorized persons as necessary;
  • to ensure security of all information, not only those maintained on electronic environment, but also the printed or oral information, the information maintained on hardcopy documents, and similar environments;
  • to raise awareness by providing Information Security Management training to all personnel;
  • to report any flaws, which actually exist or cast doubts on security, in Information Security to the Information Security Management System Team (SMST), and to ensure that such flaws are investigated by the SMST;
  • to prepare, maintain and test the business continuity plans;
  • to identify existing risks by conducting periodic evaluations in terms of Information Security, and to review and monitor the action plans as a result of evaluations;
  • to prevent any disputes and conflicts of interest that may arise from agreements; and to provide the business requirements for Accessibility of Information and Information Systems.


Asis Automation and Fuel Systems Inc. Inspection Agency provides high-quality inspection services with competent employees, advanced technological equipment and documented processes. While offering this service, it acts according to the principles of impartiality, accuracy, independence and confidentiality.
• Inspections carried out according to TS EN ISO / IEC 17020: Requirements for the operation of various types of inspection organizations” guarantee accurate, reliable and traceable results. While meeting the demands and expectations of the customer, it is essential not to compromise on the highest level of service quality.
• The personnel involved in the inspection work are trained on the relevant standard requirements and fulfill their responsibilities according to the documentation and inspection policy within the scope of the relevant standard.
• Within the scope of measurable targets, all inspection processes are followed with a focus on continuous improvement.

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