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As ASIS, we believe that people who have high sense of belonging and desire to succeed, who are sensitive to the environment and society they find, will further develop our corporate culture. In this context, we are developing our HR policies with the awareness that human resources are the most important capital of the company.

Believing the importance of recruitment strategy is important for the success of companies, ASIS hires employees considering the requirements of the Company, the characteristics required by the respective positions, as well as the educational background, competency, career objectives and expectations of individuals. ASIS employs individuals who value teamwork, keep up with developments both in Turkey and the world, and are most suitable for the corporate culture.

ASIS provides support to its employees to enable them to realize their potentials in the best way. To this end, the Human Resources department organizes a variety of personal and professional development trainings during the year by identifying the skill, knowledge and competency areas of employees that improvement. Likewise, personal training requests of employees are evaluated, and they are enabled to receive the required training within the company or at an external training organization.

ASIS believes that practical training is very important for young people to get ready for the professional life, and therefore provides the young high-school and university students to receive practical training opportunities. Young people find the opportunity to learn the businesses and job processes in a number of departments of the Group companies, providing support to these processes.


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