Our Innovation Policy


Asis attaches importance to innovation processes by adopting continuous innovation as a corporate culture.

ASIS, which is an organization that learns, develops and develops, conducts, conducts and supports innovation studies with all its stakeholders.

Sources of innovations are; new inventions, new theories, new concepts or re-application of methods that have existed for a long time after their development.


All managers of ASIS are responsible for providing the necessary environment for innovation and coordinating the related works in the department. Likewise, all managers and employees are obliged to reach to information related to their fields of work within the framework of ethical rules and to spread their use within the organization and to support its use. Thus, we are aimed to transform the information into innovative products, services and processes.


ASIS Idea Collection and Evaluation System (ASIS FTDS)

The Idea Collection and Evaluation System, created through the awareness that one of the effective methods for the establishment, development and continuity of the Corporate Innovation System culture within the company, was created and implemented by ASIS. With this system in, which all stakeholders can be involved, ideas on every subject are collected from stakeholders and evaluated by the members of the Innovation Working Group. The ideas deemed appropriate will also be implemented.

Innovative Idea Form

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