Vehicle Tracking Systems

It is the system in which vehicles are tracked by increasing the efficiency of the company in companies with vehicle fleet. With Neofleet Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System, vehicle safety, operational efficiency and fuel consumption are taken under control. In this way, companies earn their investment in a short time and gain high profit in the long term. The vehicles can be tracked on the maps in the Neofleet control center, as well as over speed limit, long idle time, long pause, fuel condition, zone violations, etc. data is also stored.

System Basics

Whether the driver is acting in accordance with the traffic rules (over speed limit, sudden maneuver, sudden braking) is inspected.

Cost savings are achieved by controlling the driver´s access to off-road roads with proper use of the vehicle or integrated animation. It saves up to 20% in fuel consumption thanks to the prevention of excessive use of vehicles, control of travels off the specified route, unnecessary running time at idle and overtime vehicle usage controls. In addition, maintenance costs of your vehicles, which wear out less as a result of proper use, will be reduced at the same rate.

Performance evaluation is performed on the graphics for drivers. (Speed, fuel consumption, etc.) provides control and control over vehicles and drivers thanks to 24/7 monitoring and detailed reporting. It improves productivity by controlling field teams´ adaptation to overtime.

The information of the vehicle that has been stolen or attempted to be stolen can be tracked instantly, unintentional movements are transmitted to the user via SMS with the motion sensor.

It is determined whether the vehicle has reached the destination at the desired time by following the time unit with the distance of the driver to the destination.

IRRIGATION FOLLOW-UP AND CONTROL SYSTEM: In pivot irrigation systems, precise movement systems (12cm per minute) are controlled and the working status of the device is monitored.

SMART STOP FOLLOW-UP SYSTEM: Vehicles such as minibuses that provide stall tracking also provide time and stall entry tracking. In this way, the best service is provided to the customers by following the vehicles with priority. The motorcycle tracking system eliminates the risk of stolen business plans and tracking for couriers and individual drivers.

HEAT SENSOR SOLUTION: Thanks to the temperature sensor integrated in the vehicle tracking system for cold storage and refrigerated vans, you can easily track both your vehicle and your products.

V-PROBE SOLUTION: Asis, which has global innovations such as Probex, 3D Calibex, detects the fuel level and instantaneous movements in your tank with the V-probe specially designed for the vehicle warehouse. 7/24 Assistant solution: With our call center staff and support operators for 50 people, you can follow your information about your vehicle 24/7 and get support for your requests.

Thanks to the temperature tracking sensors, you can easily follow the temperature changes in your refrigerated cupboard vehicles and deliver sensitive foods to your customers without any damage. With weight sensors, you can avoid penalties by preventing the tonnage excess in your earthmoving trucks.

Possibility to display special reports such as fleet maintenance, temperature alarm, graphic location, out-of-work usage, fuel consumption, region violation reports with a separate interface for managers.

With the polygon and point adding options on the system, you can control the entrance-exits of your vehicles to these areas by determining the boundaries of the school region, factory area, special warehouses, streets, neighborhoods, provinces and provinces, via e-mail or via the mobile application. you can see violations.

You can divide the vehicles of your fleet into groups based on departments, you can easily manage system management and reporting by making different authorizations to each user.

System Components

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