Neofleet® Vehicle Tracking Systems

It is a system that increases total efficiency by performing comprehensive online monitoring of vehicles, performance, expense and location control for companies with fleet. Thus, companies get back their investment in a short time and gain high profit in the long term. Using your username and password, you can access many instant and retrospective data about your vehicles either on the web or on the application you have installed on your phone.


System Basics

Cost savings are achieved by controlling the driver´s access to off-road roads with proper use of the vehicle or integrated animation. It saves up to 20% in fuel consumption, thanks to the prevention of excessive use of vehicles, the control of trips off the specified route, unnecessary running time at idle and the out-of-work vehicle controls.

The activities of the vehicles managed by the system, other than the defined working conditions (theft, overspeed, towing, etc.) are determined and the managers are warned instantly by the system, via SMS or e-mail.

Performance evaluation is made on the graphic for the drivers (speed, fuel consumption, etc.). It provides control over vehicles and drivers through 24/7 monitoring and detailed reporting. It improves productivity by controlling the field teams´ adaptation to overtime.

By determining the boundaries with the polygon and point adding options on the system, you can check the entry-exit of your vehicles to these areas, and see the violations made via e-mail or the mobile application.

You can follow up and determine whether the vehicle and / or personnel have gone to predefined destinations and how long they are at the destination.

IRRIGATION TRACKING AND CONTROL SYSTEM: In pivot irrigation systems, sensitive motion systems are controlled and the working status of the device is monitored..

INTELLIGENT STATION TRACKING SYSTEM: Depending on the time of the bus station times, entry and exits are inspected. This way, the best service is provided to the customers by following the vehicles with priority.

MOTORCYCLE TRACKING SYSTEM: Business plan and tracking is provided for couriers. For individual drivers, it minimizes the risk of theft.

HEAT SENSOR SOLUTION: With temperature sensor integrated into the vehicle tracking system for cold storage and refrigerated vans, you can easily monitor the temperature of both your vehicle and the cooling unit.

VEHICLE TANK FUEL STATUS TRACKING: Abnormal fuel level changes in the tank of a vehicle while driving or parking are detected by the level sensor developed by Asis and the user is warned by generating simultaneous alarms.

CONSTRUCTION MACHINE MANAGEMENT: The working hours of the construction machines are calculated by comparing the working hours of the engine´s working hours and the parts (bucket, cylinder, etc.) of the construction machine. This way, with high accuracy, progress payment and vehicle maintenance reports can be produced.

Fleet managers can view special customized reports like vehicle maintenance, insurance, accident, penalty, visa records, temperature alarm, graphic location, overtime usage, fuel consumption, zone violations, past monitoring, daily vehicle movements, overtime, point zone entry exit, speed and shift. Reports can be converted to different formats and printed. In addition, all fleet data can be integrated with different systems and administrative efficiency will be increased.

System Components

Neofleet® Vehicle Tracking Software

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NVU Neofleet Vehicle Unit

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DRU Driver Recognition Unit

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V Probe

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