MTS<sup>®</sup> Customer Identification Systems

MTS® Customer Identification Systems

It is a customer management system that controls the refuelling of both fleet and individual customers, and where special customer loyalty programs can be implemented, operates as a module under Asis pump automation. The system can be configured independently according to the customer demand, to be managed at the station location or to be managed from a single center to cover many stations. In addition to its many different customer management models, it also offers its users diversity during the creation of customer identity. Thanks to both the trading model and identity diversity, the system offers the possibility to serve many customer segments through the system. Apart from its control and supervision features, it is an ideal system for institutions that want to use automation systems commercially. Customer management modules are available within the Asis pump automation and central management system, and it is possible to use them with plug and play logic by adding customer recognition modules to the systems.


System Basics

With various components of the system, the system can manage customers of different identities with magnetic card, mifare contactless card, mifare key ring, mifare label and plate detection.

It is integrated with contact / contactless card readers (Orbit VP, Orbit ST, MCR), mobile card readers (MobileX) and artificial intelligence plate sensor (PSensor) produced by Asis in order to detect customer identities.

When pump attendants are issued cards and defined as pump attendants, the customer identification system records all sales transactions made by all pump attendants on the system. This provides both time savings, and eliminates any problems and mistakes in calculations relating to specific pump attendants at shift changes.

Fuel sales to specific local customers of a gas station can be faultlessly tracked using special cards, without a requirement for a central system, allowing the gas station owners to increase their customer potentials.

Thanks to the cards distributed to the local current customers of the station without any central system, the sales of these customers are tracked accurately, helping the station owners increase their customer potential.

In case of use of card readers equipped with a keypad in customer identification programs managed locally or centrally, security of projects is ensured by using methods such as answering a question, PIN, km data, etc.

System Components

Orbit VP

Data Terminal and Customer Recognition Unit | Vandal Proof Reader Orbit VP allows the use of customer loyalty programs by checking both fleet and indi...

Orbit ST

Data Terminal and Customer Recognition Unit | Standart (Outdoor) Reader Orbit ST allows the use of customer loyalty programs by checking both fleet a...


MCR is the terminal that reads magnetic stripe cards developed by Asis. It is integrated with automation systems. It is mounted on the pumps. It enabl...


MobileX is the first technology in the industry to mobilize the card loyalty sales system in stations. With its durable design and easy use for statio...

MobileX® Station Master

MobileX Station Master is the unit that enables the MobileX handheld terminal to communicate with the automation system. It communicates wirelessly wi...


Psensor® is the embeded plate recognition sensor, which ASIS first developed in its sector and used a special camera sensor applied in diff...

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