“Asis” from past to present

The foundations of Asis Automation were laid in 1990 and the company started its activities by providing services in IT and information technologies. In 2000, the company was transformed into Asis Automation Fuel Systems with its professional staff, intense knowledge and experience.

Since then, Asis has been producing automation systems, technological services, hardware and software solutions for many sectors, as well as the fuel industry and manufacturing, assembly and after-sales services for all products and services it produces.

Asis Automation, which launched the most comprehensive, well equipped and large R&D center of its sector in 2017, works also in areas of satellite systems, payment systems, mobile applications, IoT, artificial intelligence, robotics, embedded systems, image analysis and sensor technologies. R&D Center have 8 project development experiment laboratories, 2 fully equipped advanced testing laboratories and 1 prototyping laboratory.

By putting R&D studies at the center of its innovative approach, Asis Automation develops special projects for the needs of the fuel sector and depending on customer demands.

Asis aims to be a true “Solution Provider” in all software and automation needs of its customers with its expert and experienced staff, with its quality product and service, customer-oriented approach and competitive prices.


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