Fox SIR® (Statistical Inventory Reconciliation)

Fox SIR®, the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is the first and only approved SIR system in Turkey.

Fox SIR® is our technological service, which examines the fuel movements on the tank and pump sides obtained from the automation systems in the stations, the cause of the total stock difference (positive or negative), and all kinds of fuel leaks, losses and gains in the station can be determined.

System Architecture

  •  Fox SIR® structuring in service stations
  • Collection of Fox SIR® data in the center
  • Analysis of the Fox SIR® data by the system
  • Analyses by operators
  • Collecting information about the service station
  • Performance of site inspections
  • Reporting of results of analyses


Each sales transaction is analyzed.
All sales data from the Tank and Pump Automation Systems are sent to the Fox SIR® platform on real-time basis, and the tank inventories are sent with very short intervals. Alarms generated in cases such as sudden losses, ingress of water into the tank, equipment failures, etc. are transferred to the Fox SIR® platform from the CAS (Central Alarm System) platform.

Reasons and details of any losses or gains are identified by means of advanced data analysis software, without support from the service station. Each tank is analyzed separately.

Analysis results are presented in the form of a report generated automatically by the Fox SIR®platform.

 Fox SIR® completely uses the automation and special logger data during the analyses. It is the first SIR software developed in Turkey.

What can be identified with Fox SIR®?

  • Tank, piping and filling leakages
  • Pump calibration errors
  • Automation system faults
  • Submersible pump or suction pump faults
  • Faults on the piping components
  • Intrusions
  • Theft
  • System manipulations

What are the importance of Fox SIR®?

  • It plays a very important role in prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Losses can be checked and minimized.
  • It is fast and effective leakage identification method without site inspection.
  • Performance of the service station can be monitored on real-time basis.
  • It provides site personnel with facilities during station inspections.
  • Maintenance programs can be applied more effectively.
  • It allows identification of product losses along with the reasons.

Technical Specifications

Leak detection percentage (probability): 99.9% (0.76 Liter / hour leak level), 96.5% (0.38 Liter / hour leak level)
Leak detection capability (volume): 0.343 Liter / hour (instantaneous) or 8.24 Liter / day (daily) Minimum 95% accuracy.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Certificate data

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