Asis Continues Online Trainings to Its Partners in Africa During Coronavirus Days

Asis Continues Online Trainings to Its Partners in Africa During Coronavirus Days
Tarih 11.06.2020

Travel restrictions due to the coronavirus, which influenced the whole world, made it impossible to leave the country. In these conditions, Asis Automation Export Department continues its trainings online, which is always focused on doing its best.
The training video was shot in the ASIS R&D center, where Asis worked hard and signed special products, by creating a real scanning environment in the demo tank of 3D CalibeX. Asis R&D center has demo working environments of many Asis products. Here, all kinds of possibilities are evaluated by ensuring that the most realistic working environment is prepared and all possible situations in the field are realized in a laboratory environment.
The trainings given on-site and at the device under normal conditions were moved to the online platform due to the pandemic. At the end of the training, the certificates were digitally sent to the participants who completed the online training provided by International Project Manager Erhan Özdamar.
Asis Automation Export Manager Burak Kalkan underlined that they received high efficiency with their online trainings and that they will save time and cost by allocating more resources to online trainings in a changing world order.


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