Asis Started The Prepayment Selfservis System In Ghana

 Asis Started The Prepayment Selfservis System In Ghana<br> 
Tarih 22.04.2020

Asis continues to develop technologies for changing business and social life due to the COVID19 outbreak.
APPOS (Asis Petech POS system) Self Service application started to be used for the first time in Ghana upon the intense demands from Africa and the Turkic Republics. APPOS has been developed according to Asis' international experience and the needs of its regional customers.

APPOS works as follows; when customer wants to buy fuel, customer approaches to the pump and makes a payment (cash or card payment) at the market. The attendant activates the specified pump remotely in line with the amount paid, so that the customer refills his/her own fuel.

APPOS application, which is called Prepaid Self-service system, started to be used in Ghana after Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. APPOS is offered as a practical solution for contactless filling and applications that have come to agenda because of COVID19.


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