Breakthrough Technology from Asis in Customer Management with PSensor

Breakthrough Technology from Asis in Customer Management with PSensor
Tarih 28.03.2019

Asis' technology, which brings a different perspective to customer management developed with artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, has been actively used in PSensor Aytemiz stations.

PSensor is the technology that automatically receives the plate information of a vehicle approaching the pump island developed as a plate recognition sensor and transmits it to the automation system in ID reader format. Thanks to its integrated working ability, it works integrated with the automation system. For example, if the plate read belongs to a fleet, it can perform limit control and / or product restriction control. Depending on the vehicle type and environment, it can detect 98% plate correctly. In addition, with the PSensor Max, it is possible to detect the vehicle brand, color and model besides the license plate.
Psensör, which is developed by Asis as a result of intensive studies and is an output of Asis R&D center, is a very wide technology. It can be used in any project that can detect the vehicle license plate, such as the sensor, vehicle access control, vehicle recognition and loyalty programs, and operate on it. One of the best examples of this is the self-service project of Aytemiz. PSensor, which is shaped as a customer management tool together with payment systems in this project, has also been used as automation integrated control and vehicle recognition technology in several corporate projects.

Providing complete solutions to the oil sector ASIS stations, fuel distribution company in Turkey to all public, serves the public and private sector organizations. ASIS, which always keeps its R&D activities as a priority, put the largest R&D center of the sector into service in 2018. Turkey's 944 R & D center, assisted by R & D, has 2000 m² and 1200 m² open area and mechatronics, software and composed of the main R & D group also was made of the scientific work in different disciplines 8 has a different laboratory. Asis Automation has become the leader of the sector with the products and solutions it has created by observing the needs of the fuel market and making predictions. Innovative and Turkey always has always been ahead of the first ASIS solutions, with products R & D activities is to continuously improve its services and solutions portfolio.


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