Cyber TTS® Reader

The Cyber TTS®vehicle developed by Asis is the unit that reads the electronic identification information in the identity unit installed in the vehicle. Thanks to its battery operation, Cyber TTS®Reader communicates wirelessly with both the vehicle and the Cyber TTS®Master unit. It uses the UHF band as a reading technology. Both mechanical and electronic tamper lock have a high level of security with the ability to monitor nozzle movements in 3D.

  • UHF technology provides flexibility and technological security for the vehicle's identity units
  • Eliminates reading problems and adverse environmental conditions
  • Online monitoring of "Vehicle Mileage" data using the wireless odometer
  • Easy setup
  • Fast reading ability
  • UHF technology use for wireless RFID communication
  • Free fall detection
  • Integrated odometer reading
  • Invalid Orientation Detection
  • Low battery detection and automation transfer


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