Asis Otomation Hosted the Officials of the Ghana Petroleum Authority (NPA) in Istanbul.

Asis Otomation Hosted the Officials of the Ghana Petroleum Authority (NPA) in Istanbul.
Tarih 15.9.2021

Asis, the leading company in Fuel Automation sector, hosted the senior officials of the Ministry of Ghana Petroleum.
Asis, the sole technology supplier for automation of Ghana National Petroleum Authority (NPA) with its business partner Rock Africa, hosted ministerial delegation of 10 people from Ghana in Istanbul. Asis Automation introduced its products and technologies and held meetings to increase the quality of service they provide.
NPA visited Asis R&D center where the technologies of the future are produced, and they had the opportunity to see and examine many new technologies that Asis has developed and not yet promoted. Yusuf KAYA, General Manager of Asis Automation, expressed to guests about the technologies of the future and underlined the topics such as artificial intelligence (AI) in stations, internet of things (IOT), station robot technologies, and talked about the technologies they use and produce for fuel and other sectors. Particularly, guests showed great interest in designs for the needs of the future, on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic technology projects, and got detailed information about these technologies.
As part of the program, guests visited Turkey's first domestic pump manufacturer Mekser Fuel Pump Equipments Inc., which is part of Asis group of companies, guests received information about pump models and production processes from Mekser Deputy General Manager Emir Ali KAYA.
During the meetings held at Asis Automation headquarters, International Sales Manager Burak KALKAN and Sales and Marketing Manager Artun TANRIYAŞÜKÜR made presentations. Petrol Ofisi Automation Development Manager Mert DÜNDER, who attended the meeting, gave information about automation systems in Turkey, what happened in practice and the use of Asis Automation Systems. In addition, the delegation visited Petrol Ofisi and Aytemiz stations on-site and received information about the operation of Asis Automation systems in Turkey.
The delegation, which included General Manager of Rock Africa Francis Bullen Gavor, CEO of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, and Hamida Nuhu, Deputy Legal and Administrative Secretary of the Ghana Presidency, completed their program with a trip to Istanbul. During the tour, historical places of Istanbul were visited, Turkish culture and food were carefully introduced. The officials of the Ministry of Petroleum of Ghana, who were highly influenced by Istanbul, Turkish culture and history, left Istanbul very satisfied.
Asis International Sales Manager Burak KALKAN stated, “We are very pleased to host Ghana Petroleum Authority officials. The best way to show our company's capacity and advanced R&D capabilities was to see us at the place where we create our products. Thus, we have consolidated our ongoing business partnership. As it is known, we started a business partnership with Ghana NPA at the beginning of this year. As Asis (together with our local Partner Rock Africa), we will be installing automation systems to 4,000 stations in Ghana. To date, we have already installed automation at hundreds of stations, and we have provided CalibeX tank calibration service to thousands of tanks. We are progressing at the pace we want within the project program.
As a result of this visit, the officials of the Ghana Petroleum Authority conveyed their satisfaction to us for our hospitality, as well as how they thought they had made the right decision by choosing Asis and its technologies. Thanks to our national technological cooperation with Ghana, we see that the confidence in our domestic and national technologies has increased and we are proud.”


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