We are the Technology Provider for Retail Fuel Monitoring System by the NPA in Ghana

We are the Technology Provider for Retail Fuel Monitoring System by the NPA in Ghana
Tarih 28.4.2021

Asis Automation became the only technology supplier of Ghana National Petroleum Authority (NPA) in the field of automation by making a business partnership with Rock Africa company in Ghana.
The National Petroleum Authority (NPA), regulatory body of fuel industry in Ghana, decided to connect all petroleum stations in Ghana to a central system. In agreement with Asis Otomasyon for this national project, many technologies of Asis, including Petech Pump Automation Systems, Petech Tank Automation Systems and CalibeX, have been used in Ghana. The systems initially installed at 20 stations as Pilot and planned to be installed at 4,000 stations.In addition, with Petech Online Central Management System established at the head office of the NPA and serving with a call center, NPA will be able to monitor all stations. The Retail Fuel Monitoring System, with a command center at the NPA headquarters, will monitor fuel sales data tank fuel levels data, overall wet-stock management and therefore handle complete fuel management. In addition, each OMC will be managing their own stations through this system.
The project recently launched in Ghana. Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumi who made a statement during the launch said, "I am particularly delighted that the NPA is leveraging on technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the distribution of petroleum products in the Petroleum Downstream Industry. With this latest initiative of the Retail Outlet Fuel Monitoring System, we look forward to blocking revenue leakages and improving fuel delivery and mobilization".

Asis Sales Manager Burak Kalkan also made a comment as “We dedicated over 6 months preparing for this project and I am really excited and happy that we finally started. After 20 pilot stations up and running, we are up to the challenge to complete our task in time and here to support our partner Rock Africa team. We will be creating a very critical, modern and beneficial technology transfer to Ghana and hope that its benefits will be a good sample for other countries”.

Station manager of Nick Petroleum, Kenneth Adjei, stated that “I am so happy to see all sales data for the shift is available to me with one mouse click. I used to work more than an hour to collect and complete my managerial tasks for each shift. Not to mention having real-time pump sales and tank data available to me anytime anywhere. I am happy to get rid of all these files and paperwork. Seeing tank calibration with Calibex is another amazing thing they provided”.
Rock Africa GM, Francis Bullen Gavor stated “Thanks to Asis for the support they provided, I feel really confident with their technology. We are happy to have them as the only company to provide the whole solution. Together, we created a Call Center to handle all stations from NPA office. The system is functional, but after sometime this project will be fully functional with the addition of all stations in the country and its benefits cannot be denied for our government and to OMCs”.


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