Petech<sup>®</sup> Tank Automation Software

Petech® Tank Automation Software

It is the software that receives data from probes attached to tanks, simultaneously manages, reports and sends tank inventories, refills, alarms to the central system. It also provides the management of external devices by transmitting alarm data to TRU. Thanks to ALR integration, LPG can receive tank level data. Tank automation system is basically a software based system, and it has many advantages such as hardware based systems, development, memory, visual and operational capabilities, compatibility with current demands. The software can manage 48 tanks on a single system. It runs in the background as operating system service. In this way, it is closed to outside interventions. Thanks to the recording of all movements in the software, historical data can be easily accessed, and if the central system is used, it sends this data to the center simultaneously. Thanks to the Asis digital probes, the tank automation software communicates with the probes in milliseconds to receive instant data and thus, it can make effective inventory management and effective alarm management. It is very easy to use thanks to its graphical interface. It offers effective reporting options to its users with its diversity and advanced filtering feature.

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