Asis Automation Strengthens Its Presence in South America.

Asis Automation Strengthens Its Presence in South America.<br> 
Tarih 2.8.2021

Asis Automation, offers special solutions to its business partners worldwide, continues to serve in Mexico with CalibeX.
Asis Automation's patented tank calibration technology, 3D CalibeX, is used in more than 40 countries around the world, in addition to its success in Turkey. Asis strengthened its presence in South America with CalibeX.
Rhino Oil, which provides service to Mexico's leading oil companies, has carried out tank calibrations with CalibeX in order to speed up its services and make it more precise, therefore taking its technology to the next level.
With 3D CalibeX, continuously developed with R&D studies, physical measurement values such as internal dimensions, volume, length, diameter, depth, inclination angle, chamber diameters of a tank are calculated in a period of approximately 30 minutes. Most importantly, it provides tank calibration table to the oil industry with the most precise measurements in a fastest way.
Making a statement on the subject, Asis Automation International Sales Manager Burak Kalkan said, "We continue to follow a worldwide expansion policy with our inventive CalibeX product. ASIS already provides services in approximately 40 countries including America, Europe, Middle East, Gulf Countries, Africa, Turkic Republics and Far East. The reason behind our success is that we have an R&D center which have experienced engineering staff. Both our innovative approach to our products and our know-how in making customized designs, customer-specific developments and finding sectoral solutions are the reason why we are a worldwide brand."

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