Fuel losses and leaks can lead to the following effects, as listed below:

Economic Loss: Fuel losses and leaks can result in financial losses for businesses. Over time, these losses can decrease a company's profitability.
Environmental Impact: Leaks can harm the environment. They can lead to soil, water, and air pollution, negatively affecting plant and animal life.
Safety Risks: Leaks can pose serious safety hazards, such as fires or explosions. Both the safety of employees and the people in the surrounding area can be compromised.
Legal and Penalties: Businesses responsible for fuel leaks may face legal liabilities if they fail to comply with environmental regulations. This can lead to significant fines and sanctions.
Reputation Damage: Environmental effects and safety risks can damage a business's reputation. This can increase the risk of losing customer trust.
Sustainability: Detecting fuel losses and leaks supports sustainable business practices, contributing to the long-term success of the business.
For all these reasons, effectively detecting and preventing fuel losses and leaks is crucial for businesses, the environment, and society.

At this point, the FOX SIR software comes into play as a crucial tool for managers in gas stations to detect losses and leaks.
SIR technology analyzes pump and tank data using special algorithms, detecting all losses and gains at the stations. It provides loss/gain control and leakage detection for the portion of the gas station from the pump to the supply. SIR is the most cost-effective method for detecting leaks, seepages, and losses.

What is SIR's method?

  • It's a reliable method.
  • Station operation isn't interrupted during testing.
  • It detects fuel leaks (preventing fuel and monetary loss).
  • It detects water ingress (preventing low-quality fuel supply).
  • It complies with environmental regulations and laws (SIR is mandated to be routinely applied for leak detections by laws in many countries like the USA, Australia, Turkey, UK, etc.).
  • It's Turkey's first EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) approved SIR service.
  • It protects the environment by preventing potential leaks.

What can be detected with FOX SIR?

  • Physical leaks in tanks and pipelines
  • ATG/Tank automation system malfunctions
  • Tank calibration issues (inaccurate tank calibration tables)
  • Filling problems (overflow, undetected vaporization, excessive or insufficient filling)
  • Equipment defects
  • Pump calibration defects
  • Theft and unauthorized tank input/output movements

Asis Automation analyzes statistical stock movements through the advanced algorithmic software platform FOX SIR. Asis Automation, with its experienced analysis team, provides services to over 2,000 stations worldwide. With the FOX SIR software, developed 100% domestically by ASIS Automation, artificial intelligence-supported data analyses allow loss and leakage control without additional equipment or hardware investment, resulting in zero service costs and uninterrupted station operations. The FOX SIR software, used both in the global market and in Turkey, has been localized according to Turkish conditions and EPDK regulations.

Fuel stations benefiting from this service not only become aware of any negative situations at their stations instantly but can also plan corrective and preventive actions, thereby eliminating issues and complying fully with Environmental, Health, and Safety criteria. This approach helps them save costs by preventing losses and leaks.

For more information about Asis's FOX SIR, CLICK HERE.

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