Why Asis?


Asis is a Turkish company with 100% domestic capital, but it is a pioneer in the field of R&D. While producing automation systems with advanced technology for the fuel sector, it develops special projects and applications that will serve both fuel and other sectors in the R&D center.


Wide Service Network

With its experienced and expert staff Asis provides continuous and quality service.


Successes and Experience Gained From Special Projects

It has become the most preferred and leading firm in the sector with its liquid fuel management automation projects carried out for the largest public and private companies.


Innovation Cycle

With its constantly updated and renewed products, Asis keeps its innovation cycle dynamic in its products thanks to the importance it attaches to R&D.


R&D Investments / Local Software

Asis develops software that provides continuous development and ease of use in line with the demands of the sector with its young and dynamic engineers in the R&D center building.


ASIS Offers Turn Key Solutions

Asis, which manufactures all equipment from software to hardware, can provide all services from a single source


Superior Experience in Technology, Installation and Marketing

Asis provides service with its advanced technological facilities and expert staff.


Social Responsibility Approach

Asis, the institutionalized address of charity and tolerance, understands the importance of education in children´s lives and, therefore, supports future generations with educational difficulties with the Monticola project.

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