It is a formation aiming to improve the living standards of our children in mountain schools by determining the Mountain Schools. The project was launched in 2017 under the leadership of Safiye Kaya, a member of the Board of Asis Automation. Many schools have been visited since the beginning of the project, helping students and schools.

Reaching mountain schools and regions with difficult physical accessibility is the vision of addressing all kinds of basic needs. To our children in mountain schools; It has a contemporary and progressive vision that aims to play an active role in social education, economics, culture and arts.
It is our vision to be responsible for universal and national issues.

In accordance with the mission of MONTICOLA, The institutionalized address of assistance and tolerance, reaching the mountain schools with difficult accessibility of our society
To determine the basic needs of mountain schools,
In mountain schools; Touching their lives at some point by developing projects and strategies to improve the situation of students who are in difficult social, economic and cultural terms,
To produce and implement qualified projects in the field of social education, culture and arts in mountain schools, to ensure that projects create permanent values,
To create scientific platforms that will bring the education standards in mountain schools to modern levels,
To make information and guidance accessible to all children in mountain schools, regarding education and career choice,
To support our children in mountain schools at the points that will enable them to participate effectively in the society.

Sanliurfa Disabled Association; Acknowledgement Plaque
Arapgir Cultural Association; Acknowledgement Plaque
TISK Corporate Social Responsibility Awards; SME Effectiveness Award
11. Corporate Social Responsibility Summit; Platinum Success Award in the End To Poverty category


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