General Manager’s Message

General Manager’s Message

It is not sufficient to do only the business and the best in this globalizing world anymore. You should definitely be an expert in your business and in the industry for Turkey and the world. You should both conduct your business in the best way and provide innovative and brand-new products to your industry. You should create business partners that are happy working with you and with your solution partnership. This is possible only with establishments that has been inoculated with science and technology culture and that invests in R&D. We adopt this very important point as a goal and provide solutions for today's requirements and create the future of automation. Today, new regulatory applications and special requirements arise almost every day. It is a known fact that the way to be able to meet the requirements is through technology. The importance we attach to technology has made it our commitment to become "The Best in Turkey”. The yield of being a technological enterprise leads to result of being leader manufacturer. Naturally, you attain the power to conduct the business in better way each day. We know what we do and what kind of a responsibility we have assumed in the fuel industry. With this responsibility, we undertake the heavy work of developing new technologies. As a result, we can offer the power of technology to you. Therefore, we will be happy to share this magnificent technological power that we have created in Turkey with you.

Yusuf KAYA

General Manager

10 November 2000

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